4/12/19 Friday Miscellaneous AMD 27.79 to 27.85

These two articles illustrated how AMD has gained market share against Intel.





AMD won back three GPU patents previously taken away by a complaint filed by LG. AMD should be able to collect IP payment from not just LG but other companies as well. It’s not clear to me how much they will be able to benefit, but this is definitely worth doing, protecting their patents.

Good interview. Very positive for AMD.


This is just rumor. We will find out soon enough.

People are starting to speculate and getting excited about Ryzen 3rd gen. There will be more articles like this in the next month.


This is what I mean by click bait articles. This one is like comparing apple to orange. The AMD story is all about being in a duopoly with Intel in CPU and with Nvidia in GPU, and that they are poised to take market share in all different TAMs. Why bother comparing AMD to Cypress?

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