4/29/19 Dell to Use More Epyc AMD 27.88 to 27.69


[This has not gone unnoticed by Dell. The company currently offers three server platforms that use AMD chips but Dominique Vanhamme, the company’s EMEA vice president and general manager for storage and compute told IT Prothat the company is planning to triple the number of AMD-based platforms it offers by the end of the year.

“Out of, let’s say, 50 or so platforms that we have today,” he said, “three of them are AMD – we’ll probably triple that by the end of this year.”]


Slowly but surely, Epyc will gain more market share, especially with Rome.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.barrons.com/amp/articles/amd-stock-high-valuation-chip-seven nanometer-51556548171

This Barron’s article is terrible fake news. It quotes Susquehanna analyst Christopher Rolland, who said good news for AMD has been priced in. He doesn’t see how AMD can do so well in H2 2019, and that historically AMD had lacked consistent profitability. Where is the compelling analysis here? It’s just an opinion and simply backward looking. This passes as a Barron’s article!

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