12/25/19 Renoir Incoming at CES? Apple? Yes, Please!

First, an important upgrade from RBC's Mitch Steves. He raised PT from $50 to $53. More significantly, he raised his 2020 earnings projection to $1.30 and 2021 to $1.73. Both of these are higher than the street average. He said: “the higher estimates stem from "solid channel checks" for both gaming chips and products used… Continue reading 12/25/19 Renoir Incoming at CES? Apple? Yes, Please!

12/20/19 Intel Circles the Drain

Charlie Demerjian of Semiaccurate held another conference call with Susquehanna Group on 12/19/19, as announced on Twitter, here. He backed up what he had written on his blog previously, mainly how bad Intel is doing with their 10 nm and 7 nm processes. Reddit user Long_on_AMD did an excellent summary, here. Poor yield is a… Continue reading 12/20/19 Intel Circles the Drain

12/12/19 Xmas Time for AMD!

Charlie Demerjian of Semiaccurate had published yet another damning article on Intel's server CPU woes, here. A lot of details are behind his paywall. However, it is clear that just by the title alone, “Intel significantly delays Its entire server roadmap”, things are going to get massively worse despite Intel's continued denial. Meanwhile, AMD's roadmap… Continue reading 12/12/19 Xmas Time for AMD!

11/27/19 Dell Slaps Intel!

On 11/20/19 Intel put out a Supply Update letter, which apologized to its customers the now famous Intel CPU shipment delay and shortage problem. However, Intel remained adamant that such problem is due to the increased demand from “sustained market growth”. Charlie Demerjian at Semiaccurate had published an excellent article, which completely debunked such baloney.… Continue reading 11/27/19 Dell Slaps Intel!

11/25/19 Threadripper 3960/70X’s Absolute Domination!

Today is the day when NDA is lifted and all the reviews on TR3 can be released. Also, it is also the date when TR3 and Ryzen 3950X can be purchased. However, investment websites were completely silent on these monster CPUs. Instead, we are treated with an article like this from MarketWatch, talking about how… Continue reading 11/25/19 Threadripper 3960/70X’s Absolute Domination!

11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

AMD rose yet another $0.83 today, closed at $38.35, another all time high. Maybe some of this rise can be attributed to short covering? At some point there will be capitulation. After hours AMD gained yet another $0.15 while Nvidia dropped $1.89. Nvidia did beat a lowered guidance, but outlook is soft. AMD is likely… Continue reading 11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

11/13/19 AMD Breaking Through!

AMD had broken through 36 and at time of this writing is sitting at 37.52! AMD hit 34 briefly last Fall and had shown strong resistance around 36 the last two weeks. Yet more and more good news are coming out. For starters, Azure had announced their latest instances using strictly Epyc and Radeon Instinct… Continue reading 11/13/19 AMD Breaking Through!

11/6/2019 “The Best is Yet to Come.” -Lisa Su

AMD is continuing a torrid pace of supercomputer wins. Atos had announced a contract to supply a BullSequana X supercomputer to the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC) in Spain, as reported by InsideHPC. Meanwhile, UK's AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) had chosen Cray's Shasta supercomputer, using Epyc 7542. Performance is around 7 petaflops, as reported by… Continue reading 11/6/2019 “The Best is Yet to Come.” -Lisa Su